Welcome to Hannah King Photography!  

I am so looking forward to our session together.  Here are some tips and reminders to help you get the best images and results from your session.






The Fun Stuff

  • Planning:  This is YOUR SESSION so I want to hear from you!  What type of images are you hoping for?  With a variety of outdoor photo ops, indoor backdrops, and props I know we will get beautiful shots.  If you have a specific vision, pose, prop, etc. reach out so we can coordinate and game plan!  For example,  if you are dreaming of a themed cake smash, coordinating beforehand with cake decor, props and background will make all the difference in your final image.
  • Attire: 
    • Newborn Portraits:  Headbands, blankets and swaddle wraps are provided for all newborn sessions.  I am also happy to incorporate any special items you may have such as heirloom dresses, family blankets, wedding rings, etc. ​​
    • Infants 3 months+ and Child Portraits:  We will plan on two to three outfit changes during the hour-long session.   Many clients bring five or more outfits and accessories so that together we can finalize looks during the session to best suit backdrops and props.  We can never have too many options!  Please be mindful of footwear needs, diaper covers for dresses, headbands, etc.    
    • Family and Groups Portraits:   Selecting a color palette of three to five coordinating hues makes for beautiful group portraits while allowing each family member to showcase their personal style and their most flattering silhouettes and coloring.   Need inspiration?  Search for paint/decor color palettes on Pinterest.  Even your local paint store has palette cards with coordinating and complementary colors.  The key is being cohesive without appearing to be "in uniform."  Layers (vests, scarves, statement necklaces, etc) add depth and visual interest to your portrait.   It is helpful to think of your home and the decor in the room you plan on hanging your portraits.   Again, preparation makes all the difference!  Reach out and I am happy to help with wardrobe planning. 
  • Happy Faces:   Snacks can be your best tool for big smiles!  Bring along any feeding needs for your little (or big) one.   Babies will often require a bottle or nursing break during their session so plan on packing formula, nursery water, bottles as needed.  For older ones, no-mess finger foods (goldfish, puffs) and clear drinks are recommended.   If your little one loves a pacifier or special stuffy/blanket please bring it along!


The Nuts & Bolts

  • Session fee:   After scheduling, the session fee invoice will be emailed and is due no later than 48 hours after invoicing to finalize reservation of your appointment time.  
  • Client Agreement:  A signed Client Agreement is required before any and all sessions.  Client Agreements are signed electronically for your convenience.
  • Cancellations:  If you find you need to reschedule your session please contact ASAP.  See your Client Agreement for further information.   
  • Sessions: 
    • Location:  Hannah King Photography is located at 18 N Main St, Chatham, Virginia.  Perfectly placed in the heart of downtown, both indoor and outdoor photos are possible at the many charming photo ops surrounding the studio.   Also available for booking is the HKP Homestead.   Just 2 miles outside of Chatham, the Homestead is a 100% outdoor session on my property.  The four acres of historic land offers vast fields, farm fences, stone steps, hand hewn chimneys and 100 year old barns.  Other on-location sessions (downtown Danville, in-home, etc) are available for booking with an additional travel fee.
    • Timing:  Your session is booked by the hour and will begin and end on time.   Please remember that unloading and changing outfits before the session creep into our time to capture your beautiful images!  Therefore it is recommended you arrive five minutes early to find parking and allow for getting ready so that we can begin your session at the appointed time and have a full hour of photographing.  If sessions begin late for whatever reason, they will still end one hour from the appointment time out of consideration for those with sessions after you.  
  • Weather:  Unless specifically booked as an outdoor session, sessions will be held regardless of weather.   Indoor studio space is provided for just this reason, so you will still have lovely images even if the weather outside is less than ideal.
  • Gallery proofing:  Approximately 2 weeks after your session you'll return to the studio for your Reveal & Purchase session where we'll review all your images on the big screen and make your purchase of your HKP Collection as well as any prints, enlargements, etc you would like to add. 
  • Facebook/Instagram/Social media:  Sessions include a sneak peek preview posted on Facebook/Instagram for you to tag yourself and share with friends and family.  If you do not wish to have a sneak peek or social media post of your session please be sure to note in your Client Agreement.