Mama's - blink and it's over, amiright?!


Your little one's first year is just that ... chock full of firsts.  From teething on toes
 to their first steps, those first grins all the way to a frosting-faced cake smash - these moments are ones you do not want to forget!   As much as we want to stop, freeze time, and never forget every little detail - life just gets in the way. 

Enrollment in the First Smiles Program is the easiest way to make sure you don't miss a milestone moment before it's gone.  It is one of my greatest joys as a photographer to watch my littlest clients grow and share these magical milestones with you!

We'll capture all the memories big and small - from 10 teeny fingers all the way to the big O-N-E!  Special occasions occurring throughout the year will be documented all along the way.



Enrollment cost is due prior to the 3 month session.

Enrollment includes session fees of 4 hour-long sessions at the designated milestone months. 

After each session you will review your personal proofing gallery and shop from the

HKP Collection options.


As an on-going expression of my gratitude

(and also - let's face it I'm going to miss you guys!) 

ALL First Smiles graduates receive a FREE 8x10 print from all their future HKP sessions

through their senior year of high school!

(Does not apply to sibling or family sessions)


So what will your baby's First Year look like?



General reminders for enrollees:

It is your responsibility to schedule your session.  Please contact one month prior to your desired time so we may coordinate your session time.

• Proof galleries are active for 30 days before moving to archives.  Please complete your order before that time.  Orders requested on archived galleries incur a $25 Archive Retrieval Fee.

• Collection purchases must be made after each session prior to the scheduling the next.  This is done to keep your memories fresh and avoid these sweet milestones from becoming burdensome by piling up on you!  

• Collection purchases cannot be combined across sessions.

• After the final milestone session Collection purchase has been completed, your little one's entire first year will be combined into one MEGA MEMORY gallery so you can purchase a la carte prints and photo gifts across the entire year as well as make 1st Year photobooks.